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Altar servers

The Altar Serving Ministry helps the children and adolescents of our community to develop their Catholic faith by teaching them to serve in the execution of Holy Mass.


Interested In Altar Serving?

The Altar Server Ministry is a very special group of young people in our parish who have answered God’s call to ministry.  As an Altar Server, you are one of the liturgical ministers with an important role during the Mass or other liturgical services.  It is a privilege to minister as an altar server at Mass. Servers assist the priest at the altar and help the church community worship in the best possible way. We invite you to share this special privilege of becoming an active altar server in the parish. Altar serving isn't a volunteer role, it's a ministry role. You are responding to the call of God in your heart to serve the community as ministers.

  • Altar Servers must have a strong desire to serve at the Altar of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • An Altar Server must be of a more advanced maturity than their peers to serve properly.

  • You must have made your First Communion

  • You must be a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

  • You must be in Grades 3-12

  • You must know how to genuflect, make the sign of the cross, be willing to pray aloud, and know the appropriate responses during Mass.

If you are a student at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School, you will also serve during the school masses.

In addition to the new altar server training, you will be required to attend training meetings and rehearsals for special celebrations throughout the year.
Those interested in becoming an altar server must meet the requirements above and be able to attend the orientation and training sessions. In addition, servers are asked to meet the expectations of an altar server and meet the obligations to remain an active member of the Altar Server Ministry. Each server is expected to serve during Sunday Masses and special occasions during the liturgical year (Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast, Holy Week, Confirmation Mass).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. & Mrs. Carlos and Ana Montes or the 

Parish Office @ 713-222-0203


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