Faith Formation

Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Faith Formation Program.
It is our privilege and honor to accompany your child through their faith journey this year.
There are programs to accommodate all age groups, from Kinder through high school.


Mission Statement: The Evangelization and Catechesis (Faith Formation) office is committed to providing useful catechetical (religious education) resources and opportunities to families in support of the domestic church. The Faith Formation office at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church provides theologically sound and spiritually enriching programs for children and youth through parish catechesis (CCE classes) and sacramental preparation for children (Baptism, First Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation).

Our Lady of Guadalupe Faith Formation Program in partnership with the Faith formation parents, strives toward the on-going religious education and leadership development of its students in every age group by fostering a commitment to life-long learning, beginning at an early age, where our children continue to grow and achieve a greater understanding and fuller experience of the Catholic faith year after year.

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