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Fr. Jerzy Mordalski SCJ

Fr. Jerzy Mordalski was born in 1969 in Chrzanów. He entered the novitiate of the Priests of the Sacred Heart in 1990 and professed his first religious vows in 1991. In 1996 he obtained a master's degree in theology, and in 1998 he was ordained a priest.

Until 2018, he worked in various pastoral ministry sectors in Poland, including two parishes, the Ministry for Entrepreneurs and Employers, and the last nine years in the Publishing House.

After the end of his sabbatical year, in June 2019, he decided to stay and work in the United States. From January to June 2020, he studied Spanish in Ecuador. In October 2020, he received his first assignment in the United States as a vicar at Our Lady Guadalupe Parish in Houston, Texas. His parents live in Częstochowa, Poland. He has a sister and a brother.

He likes reading books (favorite author Dr. David R. Hawkins) and listening to classical music. He is interested in psychology and personal development.

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